Danke an ALLE Lichtarbeiter!

Danke an ALLE  Lichtarbeiter!
Regenbogen des Dankes und des Schutzes

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

RE: White Cloud hits YouTube!!!

RE: White Cloud hits YouTube!!!

Übersetzungen in die verschiedenen Sprachen werden erstellt

So happy to announce (after 5 days of challenges!!!) that the YouTube of the White Cloud channelling that took place last week in Noosa has now gone up in 5 parts.


So ... here 'WE" are .... My indian friend and me ... up close and personal!

I do hope you enjoy his wisdom and unconditional Love. Please help spread his message by passing these on, should you FEEL so inclined.

Many thanks to you.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays


Please note:

Diese außergewöhnliche Dokument wird übersetzt und in verschiedenen Sprachen veröffentlicht, so kann es durch zu sehen, wie viele Menschen wie möglich.


Blossom:A question that I am asked so often is how did this all come about for me? How did I end up sitting in this chair this evening doing what I’m about to do? So I just want to explain to let people understand a bit more how it all came about for me.

When I was about 19 I started having these fits, these attacks…weird things where upon I would fall upon the floor and I knew everything that was going on but I couldn’t actually…people would say ‘oh get an ambulance’…all this... ‘Blossom can you hear us?’

And I could but I couldn’t move a muscle to let them know. You know they would say ‘move your finger if you can hear me’ …I couldn’t but I was absolutely fine wherever it was that I was which I thought was in my body. And these went on for about 17…18 years.

Not all the time, thank God, but intermittently for…You know I might have a period where I would have them everyday for about 5 or 6 weeks and my eyes were dead when that happened and it was like I wasn’t on the planet. I probably wasn’t, I don’t know.

And then the minute I was better my eyes came back to life again and then I had months, you know 5 or 6 months where I’d be absolutely normal and everything was fine and then I’d suddenly have these…’oh dear I’m feeling a bit odd, here we go again’ and off it goes. And we had a very gifted lady staying with us, and I’d done healing.

Now when I say I’d done healing I mean maybe 3 times a year. You know I was just very interested in reading spiritual books, didn’t know many people that were into that kind of thing but I did do the odd bit of healing. And I became aware of a native American Indian here, standing here. And one time when I was doing this healing I asked if I might know his name. And I got through White Cloud.

I’d never heard of that. I’d heard of Sitting Bull and all this sort of stuff. I’d never heard of White Cloud. That’s ok. And this lady gave me a reading that was staying with us and she said that ‘I have your Indian here and he’s asking if you’d like to ask a question’. And I said ‘yes what is up with me’ because I’d had brain scans, I’d had epilepsy tablets. They’d tried everything and they couldn’t find out what this problem was.

And literally not to be too dramatic but just to tell you how quite serious it was at the time, if I had a fit, I’d just fall over and sometimes if they had to get the ambulance if I was out or something, I could literally hear the ambulance men saying: ”Can’t get a pulse, can’t get a pulse.” And I’d go grey and they obviously thought I’d popped my clogs. But I hadn’t. I was perfectly all right in there but I couldn’t tell them.

Then I had a spate of these attacks and this lady, this gifted clairvoyant was living with us and I was pretty depressed at the time because I just couldn’t sort out what it was and she said ‘I’ve got your Indian here and he’s doing this and he’s getting really frustrated because he wants to talk to you and he’s asking if you’ll get a pen and paper and he’ll come through.’

Well because I’d been into spiritual matters for 20 odd years and really studied things, I said ‘ok I’ll give it a go.’ So I sat down with this little book and a pen and I just put, ‘well I don’t know what I’m supposed to be saying’ and all this information just came through…pages and pages of it.

And he said that we had agreed to do this many, many moons ago and that if I was still up for it he would like to speak through me. So that’s what happened. We arranged a meeting, and I would like to say because I always forget this very important bit, as from that minute of writing in the book, my fits went away. I’ve never been ill since. That’s 10 years ago. They just disappeared. So that was that really and from then on he asked me to record the meetings and that I put them down and they would become books, which at the time I thought umm…and none the less, there they are. The books are there.

I find him, and there are many in the room, some who know White Cloud quite well, to be the most loving, compassionate light being that you could possibly feel. Over the ten years that we’ve worked together, when he first came through, I couldn’t move a muscle and I had ninety double chins and he spoke really deeply and really slowly. Now his level is much more up on my tone of voice and he opens his eyes and he makes a joke and we’ve learned to work together in a very different way.

So really I just needed to explain that’s how I come to be sitting here tonight and I also would just like to say to you what happens when he’s coming through because people say, do you know, what he’s saying? What happens is I start, which you will see, taking some very deep breaths and pulling some very unattractive faces, as he’s coming in.

We have a little joke because I’m also able to bring in some other light beings which I won’t be doing this evening, when they come through apparently I look like I’ve had a face lift. When White Cloud’s in it’s absolutely the opposite. So I do a lot of huffing and puffing… all that sort of thing and pulling a lot of funny faces. And when he’s ready he speaks.

Now with some channellers, direct voice channellers, they actually go out of their body and the being comes in and takes over and off they go. When they’ve finished, that person who’s lent their body comes back in and doesn’t have a clue what’s been going on.

Not so for me. I am totally aware of everything that’s being said because we work together. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like he’s in this side, I’m in this side and we sort of meet in the middle. And as he’s speaking I literally know, maybe a split second before he speaks, what he’s about to say. We sometimes have a bit of a conflict… I’m sort of saying, ‘you sure?’ ‘yes!’ ‘you sure?’ It’s a bit like that.

I don’t know why he picked me because sometimes I think ‘is that what you want to say, is that right?’ So that’s how we work. It there’s silence when he’s in, I ask that you send your love because although you might just be looking at my face there’s lots going on for me. There’s colours going and the energy might be changing a bit and as long as I feel secure in the fact that you’re not going ‘oh for goodness sake I’ve got a bus to catch.’ You know what I mean.

You’re sending the love and then I feel that it doesn’t matter if I’m there for five minutes because that simply is how it is. Because to bear in mind that for White Cloud to come in and do this, it’s not just like ok let’s get on, there’s so much more involved in the energies coming from wherever he is in this higher plane and so many other beings unseen that are at work to make this happen for us.

And White Cloud is very keen to…he’s so happy that this opportunity is here for him to …it’s a very creaky door, isn’t it?…you rang Sir!

So he’s very keen to speak with you this evening and I know that he’s buzzing so much because the room is so full of such a lovely, loving energy. So we’ll just let these people squeeze in on the ceiling if they can and settle and we’ll be ready to go.

Now as Ric said it might be that White Cloud would like to ask people if there’s any questions. Please don’t be afraid. People sit there…and ‘can I ask that?’ If you feel you have a question to ask there’s probably about fifteen people in the room that would like the answer to that question.

However you feel, so it might be on a cosmic level, whatever you like. Preferably not on a personal one because it’s a bit difficult to read somebody with all these energies in the room and could I ask please that you speak up so that everybody can hear the question that you’re asking. And if he can’t answer it, he won’t. Simple as that really.

So are we all prepared? I asked too that people try and keep…I know there’s a lot of coughs and colds going around so please have a cough if you can’t…but just to try and respect the energy and what is involved to allow this to take place. So without further ado we shall bring him in. So enjoy the evening everybody and enjoy this very special gentleman who’s come through to talk to you today.

Blossom (asking for protection)

Divine Spirit, we thank you for bringing us all together this night and we ask for a circle of protection around each one of us so that we may be kept safe, warm and protected in your Light and your Love. We ask now with your permission for White Cloud to draw close and we ask too that this channeling is given with ease, truth and clarity to assist us all as we walk this time upon life’s journey. In Love and Light.

White Cloud

Very warm welcome to each one of you who has taken the time to listen to their soul and come here this night to give it a little refreshment.

I am just saying to Blossom that I am ready straight away because it is only polite to open of the eyes. It just takes a little time for the adjustment to take place so please send your Love and allow for this. And as the time goes on I shall move my eye level down a little because you know, my friends, that your eyes are the windows to your soul. And what is your soul? Your soul is who you are. And who are you my friends? You are Love.

It is quite interesting how many times one is told you are Love. But what does it mean? What does it mean to you? Not to anybody else but to you. When you say it to yourself, I am Love. What do you feel?

Because my friends in these days that are coming, there is a new language and that language is called feeling. These words that are spoken through the mouth so often come from the head and not from the heart. And in these days that are coming we are asking you to speak from your heart. And if you’re unsure of what your heart is saying then zip it because it is better to say nothing at all than to say words that are of a shallow level.

Many of you these days are finding, is it not so?, that you are becoming a little reclusive. Lots of nodding going on. Because there is a change taking place, not only within the vibration of this planet, but a change taking place within each individual whether they are still asleep or whether they have woken up.

That change is still happening. And you may ask what that change is. It is a change in your soul. A change in you and you can all feel it. And some do not know. In fact, most of you are unable to know what to do about it, because it is a new feeling. Some wish to shut themselves away because they cannot be doing with the outside world and all its foibles.

There is a saying: There’s nothing wrong with the world, it’s just the people in it. But my friends, there is nothing, nothing at all wrong with the people in it. For each and every one of you is Love. That’s all you are. Nothing, nothing else! You may have different talents and say: I am a performer, I am a boxer. But you are a performer that performs because and through Love.

And we are coming through more and more of us from other places to assist you, to help you understand about change that is taking place. Because it is very unnerving sometimes, is it not?

On your internet there are many, many scenarios of what is to occur in the days ahead and maybe each one of you in this room has a different thought about it, from the person sitting next to you. How many of yourselves, may I say with respect, feed yourselves sometimes with fear? You may start reading something and for some, may I say, ridiculous reason, you carry on reading it even though it is making you feel uncomfortable.

Why? Why do you do that, my friends? Think about it. Why? We ask of you that when you do this to stop. If you feel uncomfortable, stop. If you are talking with another that speaks things that make you feel uncomfortable, be polite and walk away. Because you must understand the importance, behind what I am saying.

The more you feed your fear the more it shall grow. And the more each one of you feeds your fear, the more it grows upon this planet. And you did not come here to feed fear and spread it on this planet. You came here, you volunteered, my friends, and you were chosen to be here, to move this planet Earth into its new place. And as crazy as that may sound to those who are asleep and maybe to some of you here, I tell you in Love that is why you are here. So therefore, do what you came to do. Be in Love. Speak through Love. Spread Love all around every moment of your being in your being.

Think about that because in a way my friends, it’s like dreaming, it is a new way of being. It is a new understanding and it is quite difficult we understand of this. It is quite difficult to let go of the old patterns and what you must try to accept is that these old patterns, have not just been within you, for you, for 25 years, 60 years. They have become you over thousands of years.

It is quite difficult for a soul to understand that each one of you in this room is One. That is a difficult concept but it is the truth. That is nice and quiet. This knowing of oneness is something I ask you to ask your souls to investigate. When you look into another’s eyes do you see yourself because you are looking at you but just another form, another form of Love. Love. Love. Love. That is what makes the world go round.

I am saying to those that as I always say, for the first brave soldier to ask a question and it can be whatever you like really that is fine, and if it is not appropriate, I will simply tell you so. So is there somebody that would like to embark upon a question to ask? My friend welcome and I say many thank yous for the loan of this facility.

Question 1

I would like to say that I have a great truth and belief in my heart and soul, that we are definitely accompanied by many from other worlds here. Will more of the souls on the Earth plane be able to see more evidence of this with the windows of our soul? Thank you.

White Cloud

As the vibration is moving upwards upon this Earth plane, it is meeting up with a vibration that is higher if we work on it like this. So as the Earth moves up, to explain it simply, it is becoming nearer to higher vibrations. And in time, and I can only say in time because there is not time, so I cannot say in fifteen of your years, but eventually it shall be that the more of you, upon this planet, that wake up and wake others up because of it, and the stronger as your time moves on, the level of Love is able to filter through to this planet. The more you’re all beginning to merge your worlds.

Therefore it would be natural that, as one merges with higher vibration, one is able to connect first of all but then, through to the next level there will be the visual of being able to see that which you are unable to see at this time. Some can already, some cannot. And it is too complicated to go into at this time. But I say to you that now is the time. It was time, a long time ago, but now is the time to speak with your guides even if you do not know who they are.

I tell you each one of you has many. Say hello now and then. You don’t always as many do, have to be in dire circumstances to call upon somebody elsewhere to give you a hand.

Wake up each day and say good morning. Say good morning to love first of all. And then say good morning to those that are around you. And say ‘I hope you enjoy your day with me. I will try and make it as exciting as possible.’ Because can you imagine if you wake up day after day down in the dumps, and they, your friends that are unseen must be a bit like: ‘Here we go again, Another day.’

My friends, live your life to the fullest that you can. You came here to do that very thing. And it will be that there will be a time when everyone of you, everyone of you here will experience Light Beings. Rainbow coloured Light Beings. Beings from other places, that will blow you away. In the same way that your Light will blow them away. You are here, my friends, to shine your Light. To be an example of Light. It is not about reaching. It is not about demanding that they come to your way of thinking. It is about smiling and laughing and being joy and I tell you people’s eyes through their hearts will wake up because of you being Love. That is all you have to do.

So many people say I don’t know why I came, I feel so helpless, I feel I am doing nothing to assist the planet. You came here to do what you came to do. To be Love. End of story. How will you choose to express that Love? To what degree you choose to open up that Love is your choice and that could take us all the choice, could it not? You have the choice each moment of your life, you have choice. You can choose, my friends, to act in a certain way to another if they trigger your buttons or you can say how far have I come, and instead of reacting in anger you smile and you send joy.

This is how your world will change. This is how your world is changing because everybody is becoming the Love that they are and the reason this is happening is because the higher level of Love is coming through and you are waking up to it and saying: ‘Oh yes, oh yes this feeling feels right.’ You connect up with the truth of who you are.

These times, my friends, are the most exciting times that you could be upon this planet. You were given the opportunity, you, you and you. You were chosen to come down here at this time to make this change take place. Why on Earth would anybody go around with (he pulls a miserable face) Why? Why? Put your lips this way,(gesture upwards) smile with your soul to everyone, in every circumstance. Be Love my friends, be Love. Is there another question? Out of all the people I wish to say not one. My friend, many thanks.

Question 2

I just want to know why the spiritual change is happening now? Why now?

White Cloud

If nobody heard it was why is this change happening now? And we could go into the Mayan calendar. The 2012. Doesn’t that make people say mmm. Big question mark. First of all I hope I do not digress too much but it is happening now because of 2012. 2012, my friends, the big question on everybody’s lips…what is to take place?

2012 is a marker. It is not…and this is my truth, it does not have to be yours…it is not that on the 21 December 2012, your world is going to disintegrate and everybody upon it. It is not going to happen that way. But by that time, there will be such a huge difference that has taken place from now this night, to that marker in time, if you look back at all the changes that have happened like this now, the world is speeding up. And so this marker will be here tomorrow. It will be here before you know it, but it is just a marker.

Understand of this. What takes place as you ascend into the Golden Age, which has been planned, will depend entirely upon you, and you and you and you and you and everybody else, because you are the ones that are creating your new Golden Age through the way you think, through the way you choose your world to be. How do you want your world to be? Choose and choose wisely, my friends, because you came here to create it.

But I sound rather sinister. I do not wish to be at all. Because each one of you that are here on this planet…we did not just pick willy nilly saying ‘yes you, you can go, yes you have a nice haircut. We chose wisely so that the strongest souls could see this through. Because it is no easy task, is it my friends? Sometimes the soul cries to go home but let me say, your home is Love, so you can be home wherever you chose.

It is not a little front door that you walk into a cottage, that’s not your home. It might be a little haven for now but your soul’s home is your Truth. When you are living in your Truth do you not feel home because everything falls into place? You feel a Love inside of you whether living in that truth was difficult…sometimes it is, to speak your Truth, but when you do, you know you are home. And as you move into this Golden Age there will be the fact that all old patterns are no longer with you. You cannot ascend bringing your baggage along with you. They carry too much weight in a Light world. You can let go of your baggage like that, like that if you choose.

There is so much I could say regarding moving into this new age. We could talk for a century but there simply is not the time but on that matter I would say that why everybody is waking up now is because of that date. It is a marker, a time line, but many people say this is going to happen and this is going to happen, and I would step out on a limb here and say, we do not know what is going to happen because it is up to you, up to you. It is you who create the new world. I would ask how are we doing Mr Ric for time? I would ask now if there’s another question? Yes that’s fine.

Question 3

I’d like to ask it’s known that the windows are the eyes to the soul. I wonder if you’re aware and can share where is the doorway to the ultimate realm?

White Cloud

Where is the doorway to the ultimate realm? Go out of here, turn right. I am making pleasantries, my friend. Oh, if it were that simple.

So many of you, if I can answer this to the best of my ability. There are those who struggle with meditation. The mind is too concerned about the shopping and did Uncle Charlie say he was coming at 2 o’clock or 4 o’clock when one is trying to meditate. How does one switch off? Because if I understand what you are asking, is this correct my friend, that you are asking how one gets out of here, up there, free and then be able to come back. Is that it?

Question 4

Beyond there.

White Cloud

Beyond there?

Question 5

Beyond into the ultimate.

White Cloud

We are going into very deep matters. I would say that when one meditates… Wait a minute! It is just I am just saying and Blossom is saying to me, ‘would it be better if she ran away?’ She’s saying would it be better for a picture in order (remove ‘because’)to describe this so we will just see if that is to be the way. What I gave to Blossom was the image of a rose bud. As the rose is watered and fed it allows it to grow and to open up. From your point of view down here it really is a matter of getting your mind out of the way first and foremost and that is not easy to do. Once you have mastered that and you can find through meditation that you are able to access other levels you must then adjust to those levels.

Only for very few souls would I say that they can access where you wish to go on the Earth plane at this time. And the reason I say this, is that because there are many things involved. One is that you wouldn’t want to come back. And one laughs but It is a fact. Though it is that the vibration that, that highest place resides within can only be accessible with all respect to those whose vibration is able to deal with it.

But I am speaking, let me make it clear, regarding souls on the Earth plane. It is a very different matter depending on where you happen to be. So what I would say to you though young sir if I may, is that by allowing yourself to go elsewhere in meditation, it is the best thing you can do. Instead of watching a program that feeds you negativity…turn it off and go and watch a program that fills you with Love. Don’t waste your time, my friends, because the time is getting ever nearer. I would say to you also that you will be able to access to the highest level that your soul requires and no more whilst upon the Earth plane.

Blossom is knowing that I need to say something. If I may, I have just shown to Blossom that as you are walking it seems that every time you step, the plank comes up and hits you in the face. In the sense that sometimes it seems that you get blocked right in front of you, when you think you know in which direction you’re heading. This is one of those moments where Blossom says ’come on get on with it.’ Because what she’s seeing is that as you step and the plank hits you in the face, I am showing her simply that you perhaps need to consider walking round that way or walking round that way. Because at the moment that way (pointing ahead)you will find is coming up with all these blockages. But it is simply, my friend, for you a simple step one way or the other.

The reason Blossom was laughing was because I was to say ‘it is a simple step to the right, a step to the left’ and whatever that little song is from a particular show. So, my friend, just to think of that take a little step one way or the other on your journey at this time because that I feel will help you and just to finish there, I would say that, that is also regarding where you are wishing to go onto a next level that you are getting that, but also to say to be patient because patience is a virtue and you cannot go somewhere until it is compatible with every part of you, because if you were to, but you can’t, it would not be of comfort. It would (he claps his hands to indicate crashing down) straight away because you would not be of the correct vibration. Is that alright with you my friend? How are we going? About an hour. I would like very much to have a question from you my friend.

Question 6

Thank you White Cloud. I would like to ask about the extraterrestrials. I seem to be getting contact and a lot of us seem to be getting contact with extraterrestrials and we’re amazed because we’re not really into UFOs but they’re very strong, very loving beings and can you please speak to us?

White Cloud

I would say that…I could say so much. These beings of light that are known to you as ETs come to you at this time because of this time. Because more and more of you are able to access them and they are able to access you. What you know with all respect or what you think you know is nothing compared to what you are going to know regarding these Light Beings in their Light vessels. They are Light Beings, which means that their vibration of being is of a different level than this Earth plane. Please understand this Earth plane is dense. It does have a density like nothing else. Thick soup that you have to stir around and around and around. We are moving into consommé. As we Lighten up.

These beings are here and they come to assist. Not to save, not to rescue but to assist. And the more you are willing to open your hearts and be assisted the more they shall present themselves to you. But you must understand that many souls are very afraid of that which they do not understand. So this whole affair must be done with great…Blossom is surprised the word I am to say. I was going to say, ‘must be done with great compromise.’ Because although there may be many that are ready to take their toothbrush and go for a ride elsewhere and come back yesterday. There are many that simply in all truth, when these bigger events occur, will leave the Earth plane physically because the shock will be too much for them because of their understanding. The level of where they are. But as more and more of you wake up and spread sunshine wherever you go, there will be less and less souls that are still living in fear because you are going to change all that for them, by being Love all day long. All night long. Your life long. Be Love.

I would say to finish up on that, that what is to come, you will Laugh. Laugh so much because you won’t believe it. You won’t believe the beauty that is to come not only to your planet but to come into your Being. You won’t believe, you can’t believe at this point because you can’t know at this point how good it gets. And I say to you it gets a lot better than this. When you close your eyes and you feel Love in all its glory, when you feel whole, know my friends that there will be a time where you do not need to close your eyes to feel that Love, because you simply will be of it in its purity. I believe it is now time for me to zip it.

Person of the audience:

I love you and I thank you White Cloud.

White Cloud

My friend, I honour you also as indeed I honour each one in this room, as indeed I know that each one in this room honours themselves because in that way, they are honouring everybody else as One. As warriors of Light doing what you came here to do. Be Love my friends and I wish before I go to spend just a short moment sending my Love to you. But please know it is not just my Love. There are many this side as there are as many this side and we are all on wings of Light, joyous to feel the Love that is in this room this night. So please just take a moment to feel my love to each one of you. Feel the warmth in your heart please. See the flame of Light and Love grow ever brighter. Remember who you are for you are going home my friends. You are all going home. We give thanks to the divine Oneness for allowing this meeting to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive, and that we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and Love.

Adieu, my friends, adieu.

End of the channeling.

Samstag, 21. August 2010

15.August 2010


Blossom Goodchild (Blossom): Sonntag Morgen. Alles in Ordnung in meiner kleinen Welt. Wie ist das in eurer?

Föderation des Lichts: Alles ist außergewöhnlich ruhig, an dieser Stelle unseres Standorts.

Blossom: Und wo wäre das?

Föderation des Lichts: Du würdest es mit Himmel bezeichnen.

Blossom: Ich kenne das gut. Es ist gerade mal um die Ecke, von wo ich wohne! Meine Energie ist heute Morgen gut, obwohl ich nur wenig geschlafen habe. Mein Geist scheint in den frühen Stunden auf Alarmstufe zu sein und ich erlebe manch tiefgreifende Inspiration. Wenn ich dann endlich mit dieser Welt abschließe, bin ich in meinen Träumen wieder sehr beschäftigt.

Föderation des Lichts: Die Energie, was vielen von euch bewusst ist, hat enorm zugenommen in der letzten Woche eurer Zeit. Sie ist tatsächlich sehr intensiv, aber ihr wisst, dass sie hier ist, um euch zu dienen. Euer seelisches Wohlbefinden ist voller Emotionen! Wir schätzen die Gedankenerregung, auf die manche von euch reagieren, so ein, dass sie einfach daran erinnert, an den unnötigen Gebrauch dieser gedanklichen Verdrehungen und dürfen ganz vorsichtig den Vorschlag machen, dass alles was eure Aufmerksamkeit erregt, in eurer gedanklichen Vorstellung … und ganz eindeutig bedrückend ist … sofort zu entfernen und mit Gedanken zu ersetzen, über die wunderbaren menschlichen Wesen die ihr seid! Und erinnert euch auch daran, wegen welcher Aufgabe ihr auf diesem Planeten seid.

Wir haben das Gefühl vielleicht ein wenig verletzend zu sein, wenn wir die selbe Botschaft immer wiederholen. Wir schätzen euch nicht minder intelligent ein. Vielleicht ist es so, dass es viele von euch schwer haben von der Existenz dessen zu WISSEN, von der wir sprechen?

Blossom: Meint ihr eure Schiffe, etc.?

Föderation des Lichts: Nein, das meinen wir nicht, liebe Dame. Wir meinen die notwendige Implantation von rosaroten Gedanken und Vorstellungen in den Vordergrund eures Geistes. Diese Gedanken von reiner Liebe, die hinunter geleitet werden von dem Höchsten Teil von allem was gut ist. Die Wogen der Begeisterung, wenn ihr aus vollem Herzen WISST, dass ihr LEBENDIG SEID. Dass ihr hier seid um LIEBE ZU SEIN.

Blossom: Ich denke wir alle haben solche 'Momente ', hie und da! Also müssen wir sicherlich von deren Existenz WISSEN.

Föderation des Lichts: Und doch, mit Respekt von unseren Herzen zu euren, ihr ruft nur flüchtig nach diesen Gedanken von Höchster Stelle, im Vergleich zu dem, was man von der Liste der komplizierten Angelegenheiten eines jeden Tages streichen muss. Ihr erlaubt eurem Geist überfüllt zu sein, wenn wir das so sagen dürfen, mit allem Respekt für euer Selbst, von Belanglosigkeiten, die nur versuchen ihn zu verstopfen. Deshalb fragen wir uns, ob ihr WIRKLICH etwas WISST von der Existenz, der wir uns widmen, in unseren Kommunikationen mit euch? Auch wenn viele anfangen zu verstehen um was es geht … langsam aber sicher … gibt es viele die NOCH vorziehen, mit ihren Gedanken und Erinnerungen bei Umständen zu verweilen, die nichts verbessern. Das wird nicht die NEUE WELT erschaffen, die wir erwarten. Es ist NUN wirklich von äußerster Wichtigkeit, sich darauf zu konzentrieren, wie wir schon so oft vorgeschlagen haben.

Blossom: Ich verstehe was ihr sagt. Wir haben schon letztes Mal darüber gesprochen und wir wollen nicht nochmal zu lange darüber nachdenken, es sei denn ihr habt das Gefühl es ist notwendig. Aber … ihr müsst wissen … für uns hier unten, wenn man in einem Kodex von Fehlverhalten anderer eingebettet ist … ist es ziemlich schwer sich vorzustellen, wie diese Welt möglicherweise SEIN könnte im Alltag. Werden wir arbeiten? Werden wir Geld haben? Ihr sagt, es wird eine Welt sein von überwältigender Schönheit, wo alles in Harmonie ist. Wunderbar, ich bin dafür, ich kann mir das nicht wirklich vorstellen, wenn alles was wir gekannt haben (in diesem Leben) meistens das Gegenteil ist. Und je mehr wir über diejenigen erfahren, die diesen Planeten kontrollieren, desto schwerer kann ich mir vorstellen, wie eine Welt ist, mit fließenden, bunten Baumwollkleidern und klaren Bachläufe. Ich kann mich anscheinend an eine Existenz dieser Art nicht 'erinnern', damit ich sie mir wieder ins Gedächtnis rufen könnte. Gestern Nacht habe ich dauernd gehört: 'durchbreche die Illusion'. Vielleicht könntet ihr uns etwas über die Illusion sagen, in der wir sind? Ich verstehe das auch nicht wirklich … ich verstehe allerdings, dass ihr mich ausgewählt habt wegen meines Humors und nicht aufgrund meines Raketenwissenschaftler-Verstandes !!!! Illusion? Aber es 'FÜHLT' sich so wirklich an. Wie sollen wir sie umgehen? Durchbrechen?

Föderation des Lichts: Erkennt was es ist. Ein Traum-Zustand.

Blossom: Sind wir wirklich in einem Traum? Ernsthaft?

Föderation des Lichts: Manchmal viel zu ernsthaft. Und wenn ihr es durchschauen könntet, würdet ihr es amüsant finden, wie ernst ihr diese Erfahrung nehmt. Das ist alles was es ist. Eine Erfahrung. So wie alles was ihr tut, in allen Aspekten von eurem Selbst, auf allen Planeten, in allen Galaxien, in allen Universen. Ihr macht einfach eine Erfahrung. Wie ihr wählt eine Erfahrung, irgendeine bestimmte Erfahrung, zu machen, ist vollkommen euch überlassen. Ihr wählt wie ihr euch FÜHLEN wollt. Ihr erschafft das, was ihr als Erfahrungen braucht, in der Weise wie ihr FÜHLT, dass es nötig ist, sich in eurem Sein zu zeigen. Ihr müsst VERSUCHEN diese Illusion als euer eigenes Meisterwerk zu verstehen. Ihr seid dabei zu lernen, die Puzzleteile zusammenzusetzen, und doch würden wir sagen, dass das was ihr 'denkt' tun zu können, eine sehr eingeschränkte Ausgabe von dem ist, wessen ihr WIRKLICH fähig seid. Denn ihr könnt ALLES. IHR KÖNNT BERGE VERSETZEN mit eurem Willensfokus. Ihr könnt euer physisches Fleisch auflösen in einem Augenblick und es wieder aufbauen auf der anderen Seite der Welt. Ihr könnt euren Körper verlassen und einen anderen Aspekt von euch besuchen, der auf einem anderen Planeten weilt. Ihr könnt …

Blossom: Habe ich das richtig verstanden? Seid ihr dabei zu sagen … 'Ihr könnt Scrabble spielen'???? Sicherlich hatte ich gerade einen Moment lang einen Aussetzer.

Föderation des Lichts: Du hast Recht, nicht was den Aussetzer angeht, sondern was das Scrabble betrifft.

Blossom: Mit allem Respekt … was zum???

Föderation des Lichts: Alle akzeptieren, dass sie Scrabble spielen können. Einige mögen besser darin sein als andere, das kommt auf ihr Konzentrationsvermögen an und ihren Wortschatz. Aber sogar ein junger Schüler kann mitkommen, sobald er die Regeln verstanden hat, wenn er buchstabieren kann und einige einfache Worte kennt. Würdest du nicht auch einverstanden sein?

Blossom: Ja. Und?

Föderation des Lichts: Das Spiel kann stattfinden, weil der Verstand/Geist des Spielers die Regeln kennt und das notwendige Wissen dafür hat. Der Spieler WEISS es kann getan werden. Worte können erweitert werden, indem ein Wort an ein anderes angehängt wird und schließlich ist das Spielbrett voll, mit ineinander verbundenen Buchstabenplättchen. Da gibt es keine Frage WIE das so entstanden ist, denn man hat es selbst 'aufgelegt', Stück für Stück. Da war nie der Gedanke 'aber ich kann das nicht', weil von Anfang an klar war, dass das Spiel sich so entwickeln kann. Hinzu kommt die Spielfreude, dass jedes Spiel natürlich ein anderes Resultat haben wird, und doch wird das Prinzip, die Ausgangsbasis, gleich bleiben.

Blossom: Also, ich denke, ihr schlagt vor, dass wir das anwenden, bei?

Föderation des Lichts: Bei Allem was ihr tun wollt.

Blossom: Entschuldigung, ich kann euch nicht folgen. Wenn ich eine Welt aus Liebe erschaffen will und alle negativen Gedanken hinter mir lassen möchte … was?

Föderation des Lichts: Dann hole deine Ausgangsbasis hervor. Die Prinzipien von denen du weißt, dass sie funktionieren. Um IRGENDETWAS zu tun … sofern du weißt wie es geht, kannst du es, richtig?

Blossom: Ja, aber, ich weiß nicht wie ich mich auflösen und in einem Stück bei meiner Mutter in der Küche, in England, auftauchen kann … und wahrscheinlich ist es besser, wenn ich das nicht mache, vom Standpunkt meiner Mutter gesehen!! Ah, wartet … ist das der Zeitpunkt, wo ich mein Reisescrabble heraushole?!!

Föderation des Lichts: Du sagst, du weißt nicht, wie. Aber was ist, wenn wir dir sagen, dass du es weißt. Wenn du schon lange nicht mehr Scrabble gespielt hast, musst du wieder an die Regeln erinnert werden. Wenn du sie dir wieder ins Gedächtnis gerufen hast, dann ist es, als ob du erst gestern gespielt hättest. Das Erinnerungsvermögen erlaubt dir sofort wieder dort weiterzumachen, wo du aufgehört hattest.

Blossom: Ja, verstehe schon was ihr sagt, und ich WEISS wie wenig Gehirnkapazität wir nutzen etc. aber WIE? Wie genau sollen wir uns an solche Dinge erinnern? Diese zauberhaften Wunder die ihr sagt, dass wir sie vollbringen können? Versteht mich nicht falsch, ich bezweifle nicht, dass es möglich ist.

Föderation des Lichts: Was hält dich dann davon ab, es zu tun?

Blossom: Mein Verständnis davon, wie. Mein Verständnis, oder Mangel an … in einer Welt zu leben, wo wir nach Wunsch Dinge verändern können. Ich verstehe, dass Energie transformieren kann, dass etwas, das ein Tisch ist … durch Gedankenkraft, und WISSEN … seine Form verändert, in ein Schnellboot, falls wir das wollten … ich verstehe, aber was ist es dann, das es nicht geschehen lassen würde, wenn ich das jetzt versuchen würde? Außer der Tatsache, dass es nicht in diesen Raum passen würde!!!

Föderation des Lichts: Deine Akzeptanz der Wahrheit dieser Tatsache. Du sagst du 'verstehst es' und bist nicht fähig es zu tun, weil dein Glaubenssystem so indoktriniert ist, mit dem 'es kann unmöglich geschehen'. Die Magie VON eurer Welt … die Magie IN eurer Welt … die Magie VON euch … die Magie IN euch … wurde, sagen wir, 'eingefroren in die Zeit'. Damit diejenigen, die nach Macht strebten, erreichten was sie wünschten, haben sie bestimmte Rituale verboten. Sie haben das Recht frei zu sein verboten, unter dem Vorwand, was in eurer Welt heutzutage bekannt ist, als 'Teufelsanbetung'.

Blossom: Komisch, ich hatte ein seltsames Gefühl während ich dieses Wort schrieb, … dass das von euch kommt.

Föderation des Lichts: Weil es absolut nichts für uns bedeutet, denn es hat keine Bedeutung! Wacht auf aus der Illusion! Wer hat wen erschaffen? Und warum? Die Angst wurde eingeführt um eure Seelen gefangen zunehmen. Der sogenannte 'Teufel' wurde eingeführt um genau dasselbe zu tun. Wer hat ihn erschaffen? Ein Gott der Liebe??? Denkt darüber nach, mit den Gehirnen, die ihr auf diese Reise mitbekommen habt. Gebraucht sie weise. Hört auf eure Innere Stimme. Ein Gott der Liebe erschafft/erlaubt ein Bild mit Hörnern und einem dünnen Schwanz, der euch für immer ins Feuer der Hölle hinunter zerrt, wenn ihr so etwas wie einen ungesetzlichen Gedanken habt? Und wer hat die Gesetze geschrieben, um sagen zu können sie wären ungesetzlich? Diese Dinge wurden ausgedacht von denen die kontrollieren wollten. Die Angst hat sich ausgebreitet und so tief eingegraben in dem Geist und den Herzen der Seelen, die einmal so mächtig waren in der Schönheit der WAHRHEIT der LIEBE. In Wahrheit, von was sie wirklich sind. Es gab eine Zeit, wo das Wissen von wundertätigen Aktivitäten allgemein bekannt war. Als jede Seele Wunder wirkte … für die Welt in der sie zu leben wünschte. Diese Welt MUSS wieder zurück gebracht werden und doch wird es eine Neue Welt sein. NIE wieder wird es möglich sein, sie zu verschmutzen durch Gier und egoistische Genussbefriedigung. Eure 'Gattung' hat ihre Lektion gelernt. Es ist keine die wiederholt sein soll. Sie wird nicht wiederholt werden.


EUER ERWACHEN GESCHIEHT JETZT. Einer nach dem andern erwacht von den dunklen Träumen. Träume die euch in Kälte und Taubheit gehalten haben. Dieser Traum geht zu Ende. Und ihr wacht auf in der Wirklichkeit … in der WAHRHEIT. Ihr seid großartige WESEN DES LICHTS. EURE LIEBE RUFT EUCH HEIM. IHR HÖRT DIESEN RUF UND IHR BEACHTET IHN. JEDER EINZELNE VON EUCH GEHT HEIM, HIN ZU LICHT UND LIEBE EURER SEELE. ZURÜCK GELASSEN WIRD DIE WELT DER TRÄUME UND ILLUSIONEN.

Blossom: Wenn wir an diesem Neuen Ort sind, werden wir uns an diesen Traum erinnern?

Föderation des Lichts: In eurem illusorischen Leben denkt ihr zu träumen, wenn ihr schlaft. An wie viel davon könnt ihr euch erinnern, wenn ihr wach seid? Bruchstücke? Ihr könnt nicht immer die Teile zusammenfügen und vieles davon macht keinen Sinn. Aber als ihr in dem Traum wart, hat es sich sehr wirklich angefühlt. Das Absurde wurde akzeptiert. Es gibt sogar Zeiten, wenn ihr WISST, dass ihr in einem Traum seid und fliegen könnt, weil ihr gelernt habt, dass ihr das im Traum-Zustand könnt. Du kannst fliegen. Du selbst Blossom, hast gelernt, wenn das jetzt erfolgt, deine Geschwindigkeit und Richtung zu kontrollieren. Wenn du aus diesem Traum aufwachst, aus dem Bett aufstehst und auf dem Fußboden stehst … wendest du das selbe Prinzip an, um 'dann abzuheben und zu fliegen'? Tatsächlich würdest du nicht einmal davon träumen! Weil du zurück bist in deiner 'Wirklichkeit' … oder das ist was du denkst … und in dieser Wirklichkeit WEISST du, dass du nicht fliegen kannst. Denkt darüber nach. Was ist wirklich? Was ist Illusion? Was ist Traum? Was nicht? Ihr wurdet 'ausgetrickst', um euer volles Potential abzutöten. Eure Kräfte wurden vermindert, damit man euch manipulieren … kontrollieren konnte. Wenn ihr wisst, dass ihr in einem Traum seid, ist es nicht so, dass ihr dann die Kontrolle übernehmt? Die Dinge ändert? Gewinnt ihr eure Kräfte zurück? Wagt zu träumen, Seelen der Erde. Traut euch zu träumen!

Blossom: In der Tat, sehr anregend! Tatsächlich … wir müssen schlafen, damit wir aufwachen … und doch scheint es, dass vielleicht die einzige Zeit in der wir wach sind, die ist, wenn wir schlafen? Hmm! Danke euch Freunde! Ich habe das sehr genossen. Wie immer … Dankbarkeit und Liebe für euch da oben, von euren Freunden hier unten!

Übersetzung: Ki

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2. August 2010


Ich möchte vorausschicken, dass ich heute Morgen, als ich die Kommunikation aufnahm, in einem Stimmungstief war und sie deshalb an der mit * markierten Stelle unterbrach, um sie erst später wieder aufzunehmen, wobei ich mich dann dafür entschied, den ersten Teil des Textes hier der Vollständigkeit halber stehen zu lassen.

Blossom Goodchild (Blossom): Ich habe in der letzten Zeit manches überdacht …. was mich nicht wirklich vorwärts gebracht hat... aber ich dachte es wäre gut für uns den Dingen auf den Grund zu gehen. Etwas tiefer zu graben, sozusagen. Ich nehme an ihr wisst was ich im Begriff bin zu fragen, nachdem ich mich gestern Abend entschieden habe, diese Frage heute Morgen in meiner Kommunikation zu stellen.

Föderation des Lichts: Tatsächlich kennen wir deine Vermutung. Du möchtest, dass wir eine tiefer gehende Erklärung darüber abgeben, von was wir sind.

Blossom: Ja, wenn es euch nichts ausmacht. Alles was ich weiß ist, dass ihr 'Die Föderation des Lichts' genannt werden wollt und dass ihr die Oberaufseher der Aufseher seid. Also, würde eine detaillierte Beschreibung davon, was das wirklich bedeutet, sehr erhellend sein, gelinde gesagt.

Föderation des Lichts: Das ist verstanden. Habt ihr nicht ein Vertrauen aufgebaut und haben wir nicht in diesem Vertrauen viele Dinge mit euch geteilt, die uns als WAHRHEIT bekannt sind. Und ihr habt willentlich zugelassen, dass diese Wahrheiten in unserem Namen unter vielen von euch verbreitet wurden. Deshalb schätzen wir es als rechtmäßig ein, euch und denen, die uns ihr Vertrauen geschenkt haben, zu enthüllen, das, von was wir sind. Aber dürfen wir dich fragen … wer meinst du sind wir?

Blossom: Nun gut, so seltsam es klingen mag, ich verbinde mich einfach mit euch. Ich denke von euch als eine Energie und manchmal FÜHLE ich eure LIEBE so stark, dass ich euch nicht für eine 'Einzelseele' halten kann. Ich FÜHLE euch einfach als HOHE WESEN DES LICHTS. Und doch ... ich sage HOHE WESEN … also spreche ich mit einem oder mehreren, wie in einem Bewusstsein.

Föderation des Lichts: Wir wünschen als LEBENDIGES LICHT bekannt zu sein. Wir haben eine Ebene des Bewusstseins erreicht, die das ist. Deshalb, wenn wir sagen, dass wir die Aufseher der Aufseher sind, dann ist das aufgrund der Ebene unseres Verstehens von vielen Zusammenhängen. Wenn wir von Beratungen sprechen, dann meinen wir den Rat des Höchsten Verstehens. In eurer Welt habt ihr Besprechungen und Versammlungen u.s.w. … und dort werden möglicherweise Diskussionen abgehalten auf den verschiedenen Ebenen, bevor es notwendig sein mag, eine spezielle Sache dem Chef oder Vorstand vorzutragen. Vieles wird sozusagen von anderen ausgeführt. Aber nichts wird zugelassen ohne unsere Zustimmung.

Blossom: Gibt es Aufseher von euch? Wer ist über euch?

Föderation des Lichts: Diejenigen von noch hellerem Lebendigen Licht.

Blossom: Müssen sie nicht auch dem zustimmen, was ihr genehmigt habt?

Föderation des Lichts: Nein. Denn unsere Aussage zu jeglicher Angelegenheit ist als endgültig zu betrachten.

Blossom: Also … wenn ihr sagt, eure Schiffe werden an unserem Himmel erscheinen, meint ihr dann eure Schiffe? Oder die Schiffe von euch untergeordneten Rängen … ich weiß nicht wirklich wie ich das ausdrücken soll.

Föderation des Lichts: Du kannst hier eine Stärke FÜHLEN die an diesem Punkt aufkommt. In Verbindung mit eurem Universum ist ein riesiges Unternehmen … eine Flotte die mit der Wahrung der Ehre beauftragt wurde, die Umstände zu schützen die zu dem erfolgreichen Resultat führen, was ihr den Aufstieg nennt. Aber wenn wir von Flotte sprechen, meinen wir nicht zwanzig oder dreißig. Schaut euch die Fahrzeuge auf euren Straßen an … sind da nur einige? Nein, tatsächlich sind da Millionen. Es ist die Aufgabe dieser Flotte euch zu führen. Das ist es was wir tun werden, wenn die Zeit dafür gekommen ist. Wir sind hier um euch den Weg zu weisen.

Blossom: Wenn ihr 'wir' sagt, meint ihr dann euch? Ihr, die jetzt mit mir kommunizieren?

Föderation des Lichts: In deiner momentanen Schwingung fühlst du dich etwas niedergeschlagen, wir empfangen das aus deiner Energie und deshalb hast du auch etwas Mühe mit dem Fluss, ist es nicht so?

Blossom: Ja, ich nehme an. Ich meine … manchmal finde ich alles etwas schwer zu begreifen. Zunächst einmal, wenn eure Schiffe in der Art erscheinen, die niemand leugnen kann, was werdet IHR dann tun … als Aufseher, werdet ihr erscheinen, oder bleibt ihr unsichtbar, weil vielleicht eure Schwingung zu Hoch ist um euch uns zu zeigen?

Föderation des Lichts: Alles ist möglich. Es ist eine Frage der Aufmerksamkeit.

Blossom: Könnt ihr das erklären?

Föderation des Lichts: Lass' uns einen Moment dir dabei helfen, deine Position zu akzeptieren, wir haben das Gefühl, dass dir das schwer fällt. Warum sollte jemand wie du, dieser Tortur ausgesetzt sein?

Blossom: Komische Wortwahl.

Föderation des Lichts: Schaue im Lexikon nach.

Blossom: Ich weiß was Tortur bedeutet. Ich habe nachgeschlagen und es stand da 'schwere Prüfung oder Erfahrung'. Ich würde diese Kommunikation kaum eine schwere Prüfung oder Erfahrung nennen.

Föderation des Lichts: Aber würdest du nicht auch sagen, dass das was du erfahren hast in deiner Wahrheit, in unserem Namen, in Bezug auf die Umstände des 14. Oktobers, eine schwere Prüfung und Erfahrung gewesen sind.

Blossom: Ja. Das war so. Mir war nicht klar, dass ihr davon sprecht.

Föderation des Lichts: Dann dürfen wir fortfahren. Dein Wissen weiß, dass du diese Kommunikationen fortführen wirst. Es kann nicht anders sein, da die Vereinbarung auf dem Verständnis deiner Stärke getroffen wurde. Du vergisst wer du bist. Was tatsächlich viele von euch getan haben.

Blossom: Aber … ich habe verstanden, dass wer wir sind ist LIEBE. Ist es nicht das, woran wir uns erinnern und SEIN sollen?

Föderation des Lichts: Aber sind da nicht viele Ebenen der Liebe. Die Schwingung auf der du dich befindest unterdrückt deine Energie. Du musst akzeptieren, dass wegen deines Lichts, und wir sprechen dich speziell an, Blossom … dass da vieles am Werk ist, was vermindert was du bist. Das trifft auch auf viele zu, die sich der Aufgabe widmen das Licht zu verbreiten, wie du es tust. Ihr seid das Ziel für diejenigen, die verloren sind, um sich daran festzuklammern. Ihr seid eine Macht des Lichts, die jene in der Dunkelheit versuchen auf ihr Niveau herunterzuziehen. Das ist der Grund dafür, dass du dich so oft niedergeschlagen und unsicher fühlst.

Blossom: * Ich habe mich entschlossen hier die Kommunikation zu unterbrechen, da ich mich einfach nicht in der richtigen Verfassung fühlte um sie aufrechtzuerhalten. Wie auch immer, es ist jetzt früher Abend und meine Verfassung hat sich geändert, sodass ich es noch einmal versuchen werde. Bitte beachtet, dass ich mich entschlossen habe, das nicht noch einmal zu lesen, was ich heute Morgen begonnen habe … ich möchte einen Neustart und dann sehen wir was dabei herauskommt. Es ist ohnehin immer das Beste, wenn ich es ihnen überlasse. Das sollte ich eigentlich wissen!

Nochmal Hallo. Bitte entschuldigt mein Benehmen heute Morgen. Konnte anscheinend meine fröhliche Seite nicht finden. Deshalb habe ich mich dafür entschieden zu unterbrechen. Es geht mir viel besser, sodass ich fragen möchte, was ihr jetzt gerne diskutieren würdet.

Föderation des Lichts: Was wir uns wünschen würden ist das, was für euch derzeit von größtem Vorteil wäre. Wir verstehen, dass es in diesen Zeiten viele Spekulationen gibt darüber, was sich ereignen oder nicht ereignen wird, während eure Tage sich der Aufgestiegenen Welt nähern. Ihr werdet überhäuft mit einer Masse von Informationen, ohne zu wissen was ihr glauben oder verwerfen sollt. Es verblüfft/amüsiert uns, die Notwendigkeit auf eurem Planeten zu FÜHLEN, das zu prüfen was offensichtlich NICHT vom Licht ist. Wir verstehen nicht warum eure Seelen solche Studien auf sich nehmen, wenn es doch aus jedem Blickwinkel klar ersichtlich ist, dass bestimmtes Material nicht mit dem Höchsten Guten schwingt. Und doch … einige wählen trotzdem Botschaften vom Untergang in Umlauf zu bringen. Wir können keine Seele davon abbringen dies zu tun, aber wir können nicht umhin etwas verwirrt zu sein von solchen Aktionen. Warum? Wenn alles was berichtet wird darüber in eine Welt des Lichts hineinzugehen, wieso fühlt einer die Notwendigkeit Angst zu verbreiten? Seht ihr nicht, liebste Seelen, dass diese Botschaften der Liebe hier sind um euch zu unterstützen, die Höheren Energien zu integrieren die in eure Welt einfließen. Die Botschaften mit niedriger Schwingung sind 'geplant' um das Licht davon abzuwenden, die volle Kapazität zu erzielen. Seid ihr noch nicht genug gewachsen in eurem Sein, um erkennen zu können, was von der Wahrheit und dem Licht ist … das was euer Herz zum singen bringt … verglichen mit dem was euer Sein alarmiert und Momente von Verzweiflung und Angst aufkommen lässt? Wir sagen euch … dieses Urteilsvermögen, von dem wir sprechen, ist so einfach. Was macht, dass ihr euch wohl fühlt? Was macht, dass ihr jene um euch erheitern wollt und was bringt euer Herz zum kichern? Wenn das was ihr lest, eure Herzgegend in Wärme einhüllt, dann lest auf jeden Fall weiter. Wir finden es einfach ganz seltsam, dass dann, wenn eure Alarmglocken läuten, anscheinend eine morbide Neugierde zum Vorschein kommt. Sodass dann, wenn eine bestimmte Botschaft zum Ende kommt … sich der Geist und die gesamte Schwingung in Verwirrung befinden.

Wir versuchen euch, das ist unser größter Herzenswunsch, von dem wegzuführen was euch nicht förderlich ist und doch …viele steuern anscheinend zurück in Richtung des Mangels an Liebe. So als ob es einen Bedarf gibt sich gut zu fühlen in dem was einem das Gefühl gibt sich schlecht zu fühlen … weil es das ist, was die Seele als einfach erkannt hat. Wir registrieren das auf Frequenzbändern und wir sehen das immer wieder … wie eine Seele auf ein niedrigeres Schwingungsniveau abfällt. Sie machen dabei so viel geleistete Arbeit zunichte in einem Moment, wo sie sich von niedriger Energie umgeben fühlen und sich dem ergeben. Lasst uns darauf etwas näher eingehen. Wenn wir von 'niedriger Energie die sie umgeben' sprechen, meinen wir damit nicht schrecklich, gruselig oder gespenstisch!

Blossom: Oh wie witzig, ihr holt auf!!!

Föderation des Lichts: Wir … wie du Blossom … bringen gerne die Leichtigkeit in die Dinge. Wir sprechen in dieser Art … und meinen es so. Jeder Einzelne von euch, die auf einem Planeten mit einer bestimmten Schwingung leben, hat auch noch seine eigene Schwingungsebene, mit der ihr in Resonanz geht. Das könnte leicht wissenschaftlich nachgewiesen werden mit den entsprechenden Geräten, die bereits auf der Erde vorhanden sind. Deshalb, hat die eigene Frequenz der individuellen Energie jeder Seele … Ebenen der Schwingung … innerhalb der Schwingung. Sodass auf einer graphischen Darstellung vielleicht zu sehen sein könnte … das was in Resonanz geht in einer niedrigen Geschwindigkeit, im Vergleich zu einem anderen Teil, der möglicherweise auf einem schnelleren/Höheren Niveau mitschwingt.

Wenn eure Persönlichkeit sich etwas niedergeschlagen fühlt … wie deine heute, Blossom … Das ist genau das, was stattgefunden hat. Dein Herz war in einer absteigenden/niedrigen Frequenz deiner individuellen Schwingung. Wenn dein Herz/Seele auf eine Höhere Schwingungsfrequenz von DEINER Schwingung 'platziert' wird... dann FÜHLST du dich tatsächlich leicht ums Herz. Siehst du? Deswegen würden wir euch gerne vorschlagen, auch wenn viele von euch gelernt haben, eure geistige Einstellung zu ändern, wenn ihr euch niedergeschlagen fühlt, dass es sich lohnt sich vorzustellen, wie euer Seelenlicht einzieht in den Höheren/schnelleren Teil von dem was ihr als eure Aura kennt.

Blossom: Als was kennt ihr sie? … Nur so aus Interesse.

Föderation des Lichts: Dich. Diese energetische Schwingungsfarbe bist DU. Das ist deine Seele. Es ist wer du bist, wenn du keinen physischen Körper hast. Diese Energie, die deine Aura ist, bist DU außerhalb des Fleisches.

Blossom: Und doch umschließt es unser Fleisch.

Föderation des Lichts: Es durchdringt auch das Fleisch, damit ist es mit Leben erfüllt. Wenn ihr die Erlaubnis hättet, denn das ist Gesetz … dass IHR in andere lebende Materie eintreten und durch deren Augen sehen könntet … sei das ein Pflanze, ein Baum, ein Insekt, nenne was du willst, wenn es lebt, kannst zu es betreten. Aber wir weisen darauf hin, in aller Ehrerbietung … denn das kann nur stattfinden, mit der Erlaubnis der Energie, die den Körper der lebenden Materie zu dieser Zeit 'besitzt'. Es gibt da schwere Rügen auf der Seelenebene, für diejenigen, die ohne Erlaubnis einen anderen lebenden Körper 'übernehmen'.

Blossom: Geschieht das oft?

Föderation des Lichts: Jetzt nicht so oft, wo die Entwicklung von Allen so weit gekommen ist, dass die Verantwortung für das Handeln akzeptiert wird. Diesen Punkt dürfen wird ganz generell als Teil dafür bezeichnen, der das Goldene Zeitalter möglich macht. So vieles wurde erkannt nach Äonen von Missverständnissen des Selbst und jetzt hat es sich begeben, dass Trillionen und Abertrillionen von Seelenenergien in einen Bereich gekommen sind, nachdem sie viele Erfahrungen gemacht haben, die unnötig sind wiederholt zu werden. Im Hinblick darauf, was für eine Seele ungeeignet ist, die weiter in das Licht aufsteigen möchte. Es gibt viele auf eurem Planeten, die sich dafür entschieden haben, denselben Fehler nicht zu wiederholen. Wir würden das nicht so sehr als Fehler bezeichnen, eher als Erfahrung, die von der Seele anerkannt wurde und nicht weiter benötigt wird.

Blossom: Würdet ihr sagen, dass wir im Großen und Ganzen es ganz gut machen hier unten? Ich beobachte gerne die Leute und für mich ist das, als ob ich aus mir heraustrete, oder als ob ich von einer Außenposition observiere... und wir sind anscheinend eine solch verrückte Spezies. Bekloppt!! Ich frage mich während ich die Leute beobachte, die an mir vorbei gehen, ob sie überhaupt etwas wissen über eine Existenz außerhalb unserer Welt. Kümmert sie das? Es scheint als ob sie so derart verstrickt sind in sinnlose, automatische Alltagspflichten. Ich bewerte nicht, es ist wie ein Ratespiel für mich, das ich spiele, wie würden sie reagieren, wenn ich ihnen sagen würde, dass ich mit euch spreche. Sind genug von uns da, die WISSEN was passiert? Und müssen wir euch wirklich einladen? Sicherlich wisst ihr, dass ihr vielen von uns willkommen seid.

Föderation des Lichts: Es wird gesagt, dass auf eurem Planeten die korrekte Vorgehensweise die ist, für jene die nicht von der Spezies auf eurem Planeten sind, 'herzlich eingeladen' zu werden von euch und das würden wir auch vorziehen in dieser Art. Dies ist vielen bekannt auf eurer Ebene.

Blossom: Und doch, wenn ihr nun ungebeten auftauchen würdet, bin ich mir ziemlich sicher, dass diejenigen die euch lieben, keine Beschwerde einschicken würden. Denn sicher WISST IHR, dass ihr willkommen seid. Wenn ihr das jetzt noch nicht wisst, werdet ihr es nie wissen.

Föderation des Lichts: Wir sind uns der Energie sehr bewusst, die mit dem Wunsch uns zu treffen und zu begrüßen mitschwingt. Wir, da wo wir stationiert sind, WISSEN auch von den Einladungen die bereits ergangen sind. Es ist nicht das auf was wir warten. Wir warten darauf, dass die Lichter auf grün gestellt sind!

Blossom: Seid ihr auf gelb?

Föderation des Lichts: Wir sind schon seit Jahrzehnten eurer Zeit auf gelb. Wieder einmal kann das 'keine Zeit' nicht gut erklärt werden, unter diesen Umständen. Deshalb können wir euch auch nicht einen systematischen Wechsel auf grün geben. Aber, genauso sicher wie bei euch, auf eurem Planeten, die Lichter in dieser Art wechseln, versichern wir euch, dass wir kommen werden. Wir können es stärker denn je zuvor, auf eurer Erde FÜHLEN, dieses Verlangen eurer Seelen sich mit uns in LIEBE zu verbinden. WIR erwidern diese GEFÜHLE der Liebe und das ist der Grund dafür, warum euer Verlangen noch stärker wird!

Viele von euch WERDEN vorbereitet und ihr könnt das FÜHLEN, doch ihr WISST nichts davon. Aber wir sagen euch immer wieder, ihr werdet WISSEN über dieses WISSEN, wenn die Zeit dafür gekommen ist es euch zu eröffnen, in seiner ehrfurchtgebietenden Herrlichkeit. Ihr habt das Gefühl dieses Warten hat kein Ende, aber eure Geduld ist reich an Liebe und an WISSEN davon was kommen wird.

Seid frohen Mutes unsere verwandten Brüder und Schwestern. Wir sind ALLE von dem EINEN LICHT. Wir können nicht von einander getrennt werden, denn ALS DAS EINE LICHT machen wir das Ganze aus. Wenn ein Licht in weiter Ferne ist, erscheint es nicht so hell, wie wenn es in eurer Nähe ist. Jeder Partikel des Lichts, der so weit entfernt zu sein scheint, ist ganz einfach ein weit entferntes Mitglied von der EINEN Familie, das sich auf dem Weg nach Hause befindet.

Blossom: Danke euch, ihr Hellen Funken!! Ich kann es FÜHLEN, es ist Zeit zu schließen. Wir sehen uns in Liebe und Licht!

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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Dienstag, 17. August 2010


July 22, 2010

Just being translated in German

Oliver: I am so happy. Thank you for joining me again. You were with me two years ago when you channelled this incredible message and I do want to explain to the listeners, those who are out there, who for some reason missed it completely. Please explain in your own words what it was that went down two years ago and what the channelled message was because I believe that you channel from an intergalactic group of beings called The Federation of Light. Isn’t that correct?

Blossom: Yes, that is right, Oliver, and it happened for me that I’d actually been channeling the Federation of Light for about two years before this message was given and I wrote a book called The Bridge. When that was done they asked me to start writing another one and during that time in February of 2008 I discovered when I looked back, that they had said ‘we are going to ask of you a task so great that even you will question its credibility’ and I had forgotten all about that. And then March or April, it might have even been May, this message came through that they wanted me to alert the governments and the leaders because they were going to appear on October the 14th and literally I thought, “No, sorry, I can’t deliver that message. I can’t phone up the president and say, ‘hello, excuse me, my name’s Blossom and I’ve got a message for you…’ I kept putting it off and putting it off and eventually a friend of mine who helps me with all my White Cloud stuff said, ‘What are you going to do, Blossom, about this? You’ve got to get it out.” So eventually I asked The Federation if they wanted any specific wording to be said and they actually channelled through the particular message that went out to millions and millions of people.

When I was given the message I had 128 people on my newsletter at that time and I thought, ‘well, I’ll just send it out to them. They’ll delete it and that will be the end of that. (Laughter) Little did I know what would actually take place? As most people know it just went viral…it was absolutely incredible. And The Federation kept on channelling which went on throughout that time.

I think it went out in August, so I kept putting the channellings up on my website every weekend to let people know what was taking place and I couldn’t believe what was happening to me and my life. It was completely turned 100% round the other way. I think the important thing was that so many people woke up because of that message. There was some energy contained in that message that made grown men cry or made them look up if they hadn’t yet awakened to their spirituality. They started to go, ‘oh, that mad woman in Australia had said this’ and they started to look up at the skies and get interested in the whole thing which was then able to awaken so many people.

Oliver: I remember when I heard about it and the message was that they were going to appear in the night sky and there were to be quite large space craft as far as I know.

Blossom: The Federation of Light said “in a vast ship,” that they would be in our skies for three of our days. Other channellers then went on to say that the ship was, I don’t know, 500 miles long and things like this. I didn’t actually give a specific size of what the ship would be. They just said it would be a vast ship, but also there were many other channellers who I very much respect who also confirmed that this was going to be taking place, so we were all, indeed, on alert.

Oliver: I would say so. The internet was totally buzzing with what you had channelled at that time and that completely just changed your life. Suddenly one day you went from being unknown to the next day when everybody was talking about you. And there were the good messages and the not so good messages, so how did you handle all that?

Blossom: (laughs) I cried a lot. When it started going viral and it was worldwide and most people knew of it I used to look up at the skies and go, “you’d better bloody show up.” It was such a big thing for me and at times I literally got into bed at night and I cried because I was so scared. Was this actually going to take place and what if it didn’t? I was going to look like such an idiot. I know this is all ego and nobody knew who I was and suddenly my email box and everything had gone mad, but at the same time it was very exciting because I really felt it was going to happen. If I didn’t believe in it I might as well stop doing my channeling all together. That’s why I sent the message out because, I thought, if I don’t believe that what I’m getting through is the Truth, then I might as well stop now. And I did believe it to be a Truth in The Federation of Light.

Oliver: Blossom, I have to tell you that’s one thing I admire about what you did. It takes courage to do what you did and as you say, you are truly believing in the channeling job you are doing, and actually finding the courage to step forward and announcing to the whole world and basically turning everything upside down because on some level it’s easy enough to say that you are a channeller, but actually you really put your faith in it and stepped out there and said, “This is what I do and this is the message that I got.”

Blossom: Yeah, yeah, and the outcome, if you’re ready to move on to that…

Oliver: No, no, let’s keep it a secret for a little longer…

Blossom: It was interesting because whatever did and didn’t take place for each individual, and that is the way I would say it, because people would say it just didn’t happen and to me, ‘no, it didn’t happen in the way …’ as I said to the Federation, ‘that you promised’, and yet I had thousands, literally thousands of emails from people who had experienced seeing ships, maybe smaller ships, large ships, or being taken up in a ship. You know, so many things did happen around that time and there were You Tubes all over the place and thousands of people saw things during that time. And obviously it was a very bizarre time for me.

Oliver: And this is something I’d really like to touch upon just a little bit more about what did happen after October 14th.

Blossom, just to recap … two years ago you had this incredible message that you channelled from The Federation of Light...that their space craft was going to appear in our skies for a minimum period of three days and we're talking about what did happen afterwards because the initial thing is that people say that it didn't happen and I even saw a YouTube where you kind of apologize and two years ago when you were on my show you said that if it doesn't happen ... ‘oopsie daisy’ (laughter)

Once we passed October 14th the Truth was a little bit different, but as we were talking about just before we went on break you did talk about people sending you emails and I did experience something. I believe that I saw something in the sky and I saw it with my friend, Sandy. We were standing looking out of her kitchen window and we actually saw something. As we saw it, it was there and it was gone immediately.
I'd like to know how you channel and how it comes through you and how clear the message is when it comes through you, but could there have been a different spin to it, how they would have shown up in our night skies. (I keep saying night skies and I don't know why). What do you think?

Blossom: It's very difficult to say really as to what did and didn't happen to each individual. When I channel it is literally telepathic. As I say, I don't have a little green man turn up in my room and say, "Take this down Miss Jones." For me, there might be the odd word that isn’t coming through and I know this sounds ridiculous to say, I strain my ear a little as though I don't hear, to get the actual word that it is, but when it comes through I can't write it down quick enough. It's just full-on conversation between me and the energy of The Federation of Light. There have been times when I go to write and I think I'll do a channeling today and I'll tune in and I'll start and literally … nothing. I can't. There's nothing, the odd little sentence and it's a bit difficult and I just think ‘no’ and I sit there and I wait for a little while and see if there is anything going on but no. That doesn't happen all the time. It's happened quite a few times, but in general they are there. I just know when they're not there, the energies aren't right today and I can't do it. I can't make that stuff up. People laugh at me because some of the words that they say, I know them, I've heard these words, but I didn't fully know their true meaning, so I go to Google and I look them up and people think, God, she must be really thick, but I'm really not sure if that particular word fits in with the sentence they've given. When I do look it up I am just always 100% blown away because of the accuracy of what that word actually means and how it fits ... and that's how I know it's not me, Oliver.

Oliver: What are you saying, Blossom?

Blossom: I don't use their terminology. You know, I just don't speak in the way that they do. Have I digressed from your question?

Oliver: I don't know. Have you? (laughter) I don't think so because what I would really like to ask you here is what was the message that they brought back to you after the event. What did they come back and tell you and what were some of the messages that you got in your emails?

Blossom: It was interesting because over those three days, the 14th, 15th, and 16th, I put that YouTube of apology up because I was being inundated, and clearly people wanted to know what was going on. I'd been channeling a few days before and they didn't show in the way they thought. And I felt it my responsibility to give some response and as many people saw I was absolutely devastated. I was as shocked as many other people also were and quite honestly it made me question everything. It even made me question White Cloud who I had been working with for 10 years. It made me question my whole reason for living! The interesting thing is though that I was so vulnerable in that video that also it seems it was a meant to be thing, because many people were very grateful that I hadn't tried to make an excuse about it and I'd just been honest about it. And I don't know what else you can be. People were sending me dreadful threats and it was all very serious at the time.

I don't know how much later it was, but I thought ‘if I go back and channel them I don't know if I can trust them anymore. I didn't feel inclined to. I felt betrayed. I thought, ‘thank you very much for that,’! Then literally one night I couldn't sleep. It was about 1 or 2 in the morning and I just felt the urge, so I went to my computer and it was interesting because straight away when I connected up with them, for me, and that's the only thing I can go by, the love that I felt, I was crying the whole time, the love that they just bring through, and they said that they had to abort it at the last minute because if they didn't it was known that the darker people, the darker forces on the earth, were literally going to annihilate most of the planet if they did what they said.

And my thing to them was, 'You said you had everything covered.' They literally thought it was going to be a bluff and they actually used the words, 'agents' and one of their agents let them know that it wasn't a bluff indeed and they could not risk it. They have spoken about it recently actually and a few months ago they spoke about it and said that they wanted to bring the subject up now that things are settled down a bit. And I said, 'well, couldn't you stop it? You stop nuclear missiles, I believe, and all things like this’ and they said, no, that wouldn't have been a possibility if they had gone ahead, so, of course, I had to accept that, but at the same time I was having many, many letters from people, some horrific and nasty people, but some kind people trying to tell me that I was channeling the devil and they were ET's, but bad ET's, and they'd conned me and conned the world and so I had a lot of sorting out to do.

Oliver: I also read that part of what you did is that you gave people who really believe in ufology and aliens a bad rap. What is your answer to that and your answer through The Federation of Light?

Blossom: At the end of the day The Federation of Light always say that we have to follow our own truths. Nobody else's, just our own. So that's all I can do and obviously when it happened I was thinking, ‘I won't be doing that anymore.’ Here I am almost two years later still doing channellings and you know The Federation of Light, have more followers than ever before. What they bring through is their wisdom. We're not talking any more about seeing a big UFO in the sky. We're talking about them teaching us about why we're here. That's what the message did. It woke so many people up to that and if ufologists and all those people who slagged me off and said I've just done so much damage to all the billions of dollars they've spent on satellites looking and trying to find communications, well, to me I just think that's their Truth. That's your bag! Yet why don't you just talk to any number of people, not necessarily me, who are in communication with them, instead of spending billions of dollars trying to hear a sound somewhere out in space. It's each to their own, Oliver, their own truth and that's the way I had to be with it.

Oliver: Blossom, if they came back today and said, 'Blossom, we've got a big task for you and we need to... (Laughter)

Blossom: I’d give them two words, Oliver.

Oliver: I can just imagine what those two words might be because I do know that you are still channeling and you can actually go to your website, and you can still read the channellings that you do for them. But do you think they would actually be inclined to do something like that again or ask you to do that? Or do you think they think, 'we've put her through enough.'

Blossom: Yeah, definitely. They wouldn't and they know. The weird thing is and people have commented on this and I know this for myself, I've been channeling them for four years and in the last couple of years since then, my approach to them has changed quite a lot. I used to be, uh, not intimidated, but quite shy about asking them a question or if they had said something, I wouldn't ask, 'well, what do you mean by that?' Now, I trust our relationship so much more and I think there are many, many channellers on this earth plane right now and a lot of them have trouble because you (they) think, 'is this coming from me or is it coming from somewhere else?' I can't hear them, so how do I know I'm not making this up etc.? And it's about trust, about trusting yourself. I have definitely learned to trust them so much more.

And the same thing with White Cloud. I've been working with White Cloud for 10 years. Our level of working with each other has gone up 100%. The same I feel with The Federation. We've learned to work with each other and how to work with each other and we've learned to trust each other. And I don't feel at all they would say, 'would you let the world know that in a couple of weeks...' because I would be telling them to jump off their space you know what I mean? They know that I wouldn't and they wouldn't be putting me through that. I know that they wouldn't and you can say that they are coming soon and, as many people know, with channellers all over the world, this word "soon" seems to pop up with them, but there is no time, so whereas a year ago if they said they were coming soon, I might think they were talking in a few months, but now ‘soon’ to me ... well I've questioned them and ‘soon means nothing to us because you said 'soon' and soon has been and gone many times.’ In my heart, Oliver, and that's all that I can say, I just know that they will come. Not on a scale of: 'Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's Superman. Is that, was that something?' No, on a big scale I really do think they are going to turn up and they are more and more all over the place. Look at China the other month...

Oliver: I was just going to say that about all the UFO sightings there.

Blossom: And the spirals that are turning up. You've just got to go on YouTube to see all these happenings that are taking place. They are coming more and more and more, but I do think that there will come the time when what they said about October 14th is going to happen. I can just feel that in my heart. That is my truth. It doesn't matter if it's anybody else’s, but I can't change my truth in my heart.

Oliver: Well, Blossom, there is so much more that I want to touch upon, especially the awareness, the awakening that's happening, but I'd like to touch upon what has happened to you, where you're at right now after this whole thing that went down.

Blossom, I am still so in awe of you, of what you did, your courage to actually step forward and bring this message forth from the Federation of Light, that their spacecraft was going to appear in our skies. So I'm curious to know about the awareness, the awakening of what is happening here on the planet and really is sort of expanding. It's almost daily. You just said it that in China right now they had to shut down an airport because of UFO sightings. Talk to me a little bit about that, the awareness, the awakening that's happening?

Blossom: It is as you say not daily, it's momentary. Every moment people are awakening and we are going into 2012 so quickly and there are a billion scenarios as to what might happen in 2012, but clearly that whatever 2012 will signify, it's some monumental event and change and The Federation says that we're moving into the Golden Age.

And it has to be, so therefore I feel that those of us who are on the planet now are so blessed to be here. Many of us just sit down and complain about the state of this and the state of that and isn't it dreadful? I just feel like giving a slap around the chops because you chose to be here out of millions and millions of souls that wanted to be here at this time. We were the ones that volunteered and got chosen because we are really strong and we are here to see this ascension and this change happen and that's why we are all here now...some of us have woken up before others. Perhaps that's our given pathway for that to happen, but there are many, many who are still asleep. For each one that wakes up they are going to talk to somebody else and wake maybe three or four more people up and so the chain goes. More and more people have to wake up to what is going on as a planet and a spiritual consciousness really. That is what is so lovely. People are.

And it has been said that when ships arrive in the sky that are undeniable and perhaps stay for a while, then a lot of people are going to actually freak out because they've never contemplated it as a reality. They have contemplated it as watching a movie. So when it does happen there are going to be so many people who are lost. And the ones that are awake are going to be the ones that can then guide and help those people that didn't know what hit them really, but they also say that during that time when the ships do arrive en mass like that, that there will be a mass awakening happening at that time because so many people, when they see it, will remember who they are. That's what The Federation is talking about all the time: to remember who we are. And who we are, Oliver is love. I don't remember who I am. I don't remember what I had for breakfast. Let's be honest. Who we are love and that's what we have to remember.

Oliver: We were just talking about that during the break and if we knew that by the time we went out of here and came back we wouldn't get incarnated again. It's like NO WAY...done that, right?

Blossom: Absolutely, we have to know that we are very blessed to be here and that we came here to see this through. When we're having days like, 'oh, dear, I don't know what's going on here and what's happening and isn't this all dreadful?' that's when we have to remind ourselves, well, wait, pull yourself together. You are here to be an example of light, so be that example because to me it's the example of light that we all are that is going to make the change.

It's the way we think about everything that is going to change and if we keep on this level of, 'oh, God, isn't this awful?' then that's how it's going to stay. We have to make a complete change in the way we know what is going to be and we have to know that our thoughts and our love and our light when we focus on it, are going to make the change into the world that we only dream of.

Oliver: That's so beautiful, Blossom. It really is. And so true. I know that you also channel White Cloud and I'd like to know, what was his response? Did you ever get any response from him?

Blossom: I'll tell a quick story. Many might have heard it. As I say, I was getting bombarded. It was very nasty, but some people were trying to be nice and there was one particular letter that I got that really hurt my heart. I had days of being strong because of the beautiful letters of love that were sent and they far outweighed the nasty letters. There were still things that made me question what I was doing and I didn't want to lie to myself let alone to the rest of the world, so I was feeling really bad one day and I did ask White Cloud, 'I need to know that this is a truth and whether I am supposed to carry on channeling the Federation of Light’? Because I trust him implicitly.

And I saw a picture of a rose in my mind. And I said, 'ok, within three days I want to see a rose even if it's in the gutter!!! I'll see a rose and I'll know that it is a sign that it is of truth.' And I needed to know that. And I don't often ask him for signs. It's not the way we work. I live my own life, but in three days there was a knock on my door and there was three dozen white roses delivered with a white feather coming out of them and a card which said, 'Walk boldly in the light and the love. All is as should be.' And they were literally White Cloud's words and it said, 'From, Kerrie, a petal.' I know Kerrie now, but I didn't know her at the time. She just got this thing to send me some roses and literally the card had everything that White Cloud has said regularly. It was like he had written it. And to me it was like, 'waaah’, that was all I needed to know.' I will never worry anymore as to if I am channeling the dark side because after this I know now that I'm with the Goody's.

Oliver: How can you channel the dark side, so to speak, when you talk about love?

Blossom: You'd be amazed, Oliver, the kind of letters that I still get now on that, but that's ok. Everybody's just living in their truth, but people write in saying channellers speak of light, but they are actually being conned by the devil and have I not read my bible and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. That's fair enough because that's their truth and I'm not here to prove or convince anybody of anything. I am just doing what I feel I have to do and there's many times I just think, 'this is all just too hard' because of what I might get sent from people or just different things I can't really go into now, but I think, 'oh, this is really hard' and I think, 'could you stop doing this, Blossom?' and I think, ‘no, I couldn't’ because my heart just knows it has to do it and that's what I came here to do and to be honest, as White Cloud says, 'if you can just turn one person around on this planet, just show one person the right pathway to light and love, then you have done well.'

If we all adopted that … how different would the world be? We'd just pass this light and love on to everybody. That’s how the world's going to wake up by being an example of light. And not writing back to these people and saying, 'on your bike, pal.' But just writing back and saying, 'Thank you very much for offering your point of view. However, it's not my truth, but I wish you well on yours.' It's just about not judging people for where they're at because we are all part of that person that is judging us. If we are all one, then that person that's judging us is part of me. Why would I slap part of me around the face? (laughter) And I often do. Do you see what I am saying?

Oliver: Absolutely, I do see what you're saying. Yeah, you're absolutely right. And I know you do the readings and you also travel with White Cloud and I know you changed your readings around a little bit. You had to because you said health wise. That's sort of just to step back a little bit?

Blossom: It's a very funny thing, you know. It makes me smile because I went down to Melbourne to see my step-daughter in February, so I thought while I'm down there I'll try and do a White Cloud evening. When I got there it was going to start at half past six and there were five people there. They were going, 'Am I in the wrong place?' because they imagined hundreds and hundreds of people to be there. In the end there was traffic and what have you and there were twenty three people. And I thought, 'That's cool. That's fine’ and White Cloud came through. I came back and about a month later I thought I'd do one more locally and you know, Oliver, I had about four people booked. I didn't have enough people to pay for the venue, so I decided that's it. Nothing against White Cloud, but I decided I can't keep on trying to make this happen and so I stopped and now I'm leaving it to the powers that be and if I'm meant to go out there and spread the word via White Cloud speaking through me, then that will happen, but it seems that I was getting pipped at every post really. People think I'm busy all week going out to do a White Cloud here and a White Cloud there, travelling all over. Absolutely not.

It's very strange time, but here's another thing we have to understand at this moment. It's just to accept. I love that saying, "Let Go and Let God." To me what's the point of having this Native American Indian coming to speak through me with all his wisdom when there's nobody there to listen? I'm not going out and doing it. What's that all about? But at the same point it's like, well look, if it's meant to happen, it will. It will happen when it's meant to happen and to be able to go, ‘ok,’ well, I'm just going to let go of it then. And that is what we all need to do about all things that are stressing us out. We might be trying too hard to make something happen. Whereas if we just accept and put it out there that ‘I am willing to do this in service. You let me know how, when and I'll show up’ type of thing, rather than putting all this angst into what you feel you should be doing. We're being taught so much more now to just be. And that's very hard for us to do: to just Be.

Going back to what you said, I was pretty ill before Christmas for three months. For me I definitely knew it was a spiritual thing. I couldn't walk from one room into the other. My daily limit of exercise was to get out of bed and walk to the sofa and sit and stare all day at the table. I literally was off the planet for three months and I knew that by doing readings with White Cloud coming through was just using up too much of my life force because of the energy involved and so it came to me then that I had to make the decision for the readings I do that I would be working in exactly the same way, but instead of White Cloud speaking I come through and I say, 'I'm being shown an image of...' and I'll do exactly the same thing, but it's me talking as opposed to him coming fully into my body. I made the decision that when it's time for me to travel around the world as I've been told I will so many times and get White Cloud out there in that way, then I'm happy to do that because I think the energy in his voice when he speaks though me is quite amazing for people to experience. Then I'm happy to do that, but certainly not on a basis of doing readings for people because it literally does take too much of my life force away.

Oliver: Wow, well well … for you seriously to know your limits. That's so important, but you have so much else going on at You have written quite a few books you've channelled through White Cloud that people can find there.

Blossom: When I first started channeling White Cloud he said to record the meetings because they were going to be put into a book and that was ten years ago and I thought, 'yeah, right.' I had no idea at all, so when I published the first book which is called "Walking in the Light and the Love" I was like, ‘oh my God, he was right.’ Since then I've done two more books on his behalf, so I've written three books from White Cloud. People often write into me and say, 'what do the Federation think about this' and 'what do they feel about that?' Well, in all honesty, all those questions White Cloud has answered in those three books. We had group meetings where people asked all sorts of questions to do with Jesus, abortion, war, drugs, all sorts of things, cosmic stuff, and people would ask White Cloud questions and he answered them all in his truth. As he said this is his opinion, his truth. So a lot of all that work for ten years is down in his books. All his wisdom of how he looks upon those matters.

Oliver: So just quickly, Blossom, we're running out of time here. Yeah, I know it goes by so fast. What is up next for you?

Blossom: I don't know (laughs).

Oliver: Good, that was easy.

Blossom: I'll go get my lunch; I think is what's next. I'm always open. That's the thing, isn't it? You never know what's around the corner.

Oliver: I was just curious. People can still go over to your website and I know you keep channeling the Federation of Light. I know you just have some recent posts up there, so...

Blossom: Can I just say, Oliver, people can sign up for my newsletter which they can do on my website, then whenever a new channeling has gone up I always send out a newsletter to let them know


Oliver: Oh, wonderful. Blossom, thank you once again. I want to have you back on because there is so much we could still talk about.

Blossom: Absolutely, it would be a pleasure.

Oliver: I could literally talk to you all night long, but we are done here and thank you so very much for coming on here again two years after the event and I'm so happy that I got a chance to catch up with you to hear what went on and how you've been for the past two years. And it's so good to hear that you're still in good spirits.

Blossom: Absolutely and thank you so much for inviting me, Oliver. I appreciate the opportunity and am doing more than fine. Like everybody I'm learning to love more and more with each new day.

Oliver: Thank you so much and thank you so much everyone out there who listened to The Oliver Show here tonight. Daily you can find me at One Two Listen where I do readings and I also have my email service there and stayed tuned to One Two Radio. We've got an amazing line-up tomorrow...

End of the interview.



Vollständige regierungsseitige Enthüllung der ET Präsenz auf der Erde
Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth
Warum ist dies wichtig ist!
Die Anwesenheit außerirdischer Zivilisationen auf der Erde und um die Erde herum wurde von hunderten glaubwürdiger Zeugen – einschließlich militärischen Personals, Astronauten und Piloten ziviler Luftfahrt-Gesellschaften – aus erster Hand bezeugt.

Diese Anwesenheit außerirdischer Zivilisationen war laut Aussagen dieser Zeugen seit mehr als 60 Jahren einer globalen Vertuschungs-Strategie unterworfen, was nun durch Dr. Steven Greer's „Disclosure Project“
( = „Enthüllungs-Projekt“) und kürzlich durch das „Sirius-Projekt“ publik gemacht worden ist – wie auch durch das öffentliche „Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure“ ( = „Bürger-Anhörung zu den Enthüllungen“) – das im Haus des Nationalen Presse-Clubs in Washington DC im April und Mai 2013 stattfand.

Die Vertuschungen – unter Ausnutzung von Desinformation durch die Medien und anhand von Falschmeldungen – haben die Menschheit daran gehindert, offenen Kontakt zu höchst fortgeschrittenen, wohlwollenden galaktischen Zivilisationen aufzunehmen, die die Fähigkeit zu interstellaren Reisen besitzen – schneller als mit Licht-Geschwindigkeit. Mit ihrem Verhalten haben die Staatsführer dieser Welt diesen Planeten von fortgeschrittenen Fortbewegungsmöglichkeiten und von Energie-Technologieren ferngehalten, die längst einen vollständigen Umschwung für die menschliche Zivilisation hätte bringen können sowie ein Niveau globalen Wohlstands, Verbunden-Seins und eines Gesundheits-Standards, wovon bisher nur Wenige träume konnten.
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